Here is just a partial list of services C&S Mobile Fleet Maintenance can provide for you:


24/7 Emergency Road Service:
    - 85% of all repairs can be handled on the road or at your site

All types of major and minor repairs such as:
- Engine and drive train
    - Brakes and braking systems
    - Transmission and clutch repairs
    - Exhaust systems
    - Steering and suspension systems
    - Air line repairs
    - Hydraulic repairs
    - Electrical systems

Annual DOT Inspections:
- We use an industry standard 13 point 3-part checklist to provide you with details of the inspection
    - We affix an Annual Vehicle Inspection label to your vehicle for DOT compliance

Preventative Maintenance including:
- Inspect unit bumper-to-bumper
    - Oil and filter change
    - Fuel filter change
    - Air filter change
    - Coolant filter change
    - Check and adjust clutch if necessary
    - Check and fill all fluid levels
    - Check and adjust brakes if necessary
    - Grease unit

Fully equipped shop:
- For larger repairs, or if you prefer to bring your vehicle to us and save on service call and travel charges.

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